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Sun, Apr. 4th, 2004, 12:30 am
sarahelaine115: OT Posting (as posted on Yahoo)

> Just a few words on OT posting...it's come to my attention that some
> people are a little upset with the OT rules. I'm afraid there was a
> misunderstanding. :( I never meant to cut OT completely. However,
> I do understand how it came across that way. The OT was completely
> out of hand, I will say that. It took over most of the list, and
> that's why I came down so hard. But like I said, I didn't mean to
> cut it completely. OT is perfectly welcome--as long as there is
> still lots of HP talk as well to balance it all out. I like the fact
> that we're a close group and can talk about anything and everything--
> but let's just not lose touch of what we all came here for!
> Questions? Comments?